Monday, March 26, 2018

The price of doing nothing

"What are you reading?" the maid asked me as I hustled along the motel hallway returning from the gym. "I love to read," she added.

"It's Immaculée's book about the Rwandan genocide," I replied, holding out the paperback so she could clearly see the cover of "Left to Tell" by Immaculée Ilibagiza, the prayerful, young Catholic survivor of inconceivable crimes against an entire people.  In just 100 days in 1994, Hutu extremists slaughtered 800 Tutsi men, women, children and babies. Many of the murderers used machetes to commit their insanity.

"I can't wrap my mind around it," I told the maid as she checked out the cover. "And I grew up with war stories of Nazi-occupied Poland." I explained that my parents were kids and experienced the invasion and that holocaust first hand.

The maid nodded. "My grandfather was German," she said. "He was only 14 when the Nazis barged into his home and forced him to join the Hitler youth. He kept a journal about it and how terrified he was."

The 18th century British statesman, Edmund Burke prophesied, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." 

That's what happened in World War II, a global hysteria that followed the unthinkable massacre that was World War I, supposedly "the war to end all wars."

Life needs the strong, unshakable voice of truth to protect it. If we hold our tongues and allow some life to be compromised, eventually all life is expendable. When you give people the right to choose who lives and who dies, then we've opened the door for the intoxication of vengeance, sin and mania. 

So, America has looked away as millions and millions have aborted the unborn. And now young children and other innocents continually fall victim to our unbridled love affair with guns and the right to own them. It's gotten so out of hand that the youth themselves have stepped up to protest and demand change, even if their parents and their parents chose to do nothing. 

But it's not enough for us to choose our favorite cause in this fight for life. We must unite to fight for all life. We can't ignore a holocaust in a distant place and scream about abortion here at home. We cannot accept a "pro choice" culture and demand gun control. Nor can we welcome the death penalty for criminals while we object to euthanasia for the terminally ill or those trapped in dysfunctional bodies. 

We must fight for all life. The March for Life must join the March for Our Lives and vice versa. 

It's time to March for All Life and fight to end the insanity. 

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